World 2016: Samsung Galaxy in the Final


No more intrigue and drama – South Korea officially the strongest region in the world. Last semifinal set a cross on a possobility that Europian team can reach a Final in the World Cup of League of Legends.


World 2016

Forecasts for this semi-final series was difered not only in the issue of the final, but also about the winner of the semifinal. Someone tells, that H2K, as a moral team, may be able to slip in the final by this “morale”. Someone continue to tell us that Samsung is a Koreans, what automaticly means that they win. Other wanted to see a furious and exciting battles, that will not inferior to the first semi-final of this tournament.

The fact that the Europeans wont be able to win easily became clear at the stage of the Draft. Ruler and CoreJJ takes Ash + Miss Fortune. H2K try to bring out the Bot lane of their opponents, but that combination was so great, that H2K plan fell through over and over again.

Jankos confirmed his title of the King of the first Blood, ensuring his team with a kill even before minions spawn, a then with another one – 1 minute after. About the same was acomplished by the Ambition at the Middle line, and at 6th minute of the game score was 3-3.

Aggression from H2k did not stop, which determines their setup: – they picked champions, aimed at obtaining benefits in the early game and secure it during the regular team battles. They succeeded in killing, but they rarely escalated into something more, because the SSG continued to build up an advantage in gold.

Every bloody raid by H2k Koreans meet with beautiful rotations and map control. In pursuit of the lives of enemy champions Europeans seemed to have forgotten that there is still tower and epic monsters that are capable of much greater impact on the game. But Samsung has not forgotten, and every initiative H2k was converted into a strategic advantage. As a result, they formed a curious paradox in which H2k led by kills and SSG – by gold. And who win the late game is determinated by the amoun of the gold. So do not let the big numbers on the center of the screen fool you – the essence is in the details at the edges.

Live. Die. Repeat

Korea World

The second game of the series is not much different from the first. European team clearly can not catch the pace of the Korean team. All the successes of H2K looked not as indication of their strength but as a result of errors of Samsung Galaxy, which is why at 20 minute of the match they was pretty near to each other. H2K failed to take advantage and go ahead, and that provided to the Koreans needed time to search for opportunities and the beginning of the strategic offensive.

Confrontation of Ryu and Crown was considered as one of the most interesting part of this semi-final. However, those who want to look at the epic battle of the Titans of midline was disappointed. Moreover, the Crown received in all three games the most comfortable Champions for himself (Victor and Cassiopeia), and Ambition that constantly try to gank do not gave Ryu time to relax and entertain the audience at Madison Square Garden. For all games Korean from the west could not catch the wave and to find his place on the map. His game is on the line was too self-confident, aggressive and reckless, but in team battles, he, on the contrary, did not show the level that you expect from one of the world’s most legendary player.

In an interview Jankos said that their victory in the semi-finals will depend on the performances of Ryu and FORG1VEN.

About a third game is difficult to write a lot of interesting, so limit ourselves  with a quote of Likkrit: “Samsung takes a perfect draft.” And if to this moment early game was held more or less evenly, this time SSG began to lead from the first minutes and H2K almost ceased to resist the inevitable. The result – another easy match for the team from Korea. Now their winning streak consist from 10 games, and CoreJJ remains the only player in the tournament, who won all their matches.

Better Jungler Win

Korea win

It would be wrong to ignore the performance of both teams foresters in this semi-final. From the very beginning of their approach to the game was radically diferent: Jankos concentrated on Ganks and attempts to push forward his teammates. In each game, he play until the end, even in the moments when everything was already clear. His tremendous work and pressure on the map in the early game, attempts to steal objects, search for turning points – all this gave to H2K and their fans hope that the chances of the team is still there.

However, even perfect play did not close the gap in the form of the weak macro game. But Ambition was very good at this. He read his opponents as an open books, knew where his enemies will be at every moment of the match, and when to start a counter-gank and etc. Korean jungler set map objectives as a priority target, and it was a perfect choose, that led his team to a victory

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