Redpost announce: 06.03.2017

Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon tells about the plan about League of Legends, Aatrox and schedule of champions upgrade.

Meddler about Riot’s plans

Riot redpost

Riots want to make that skills, which requires a click on an enemy (not skill shots), show champion that casting them in bushes and in the fog of war. Fix for Jhin’s Q are already done, and they are greeting any reviews about similar abilities, which still do not show a champion.

Update of Lucian

  • Casting Time of Q now reduced from 0.4 to 0.25 from his level;
  • Casting time of W now 0.25 as standard casting time (was 0.35)
  • Stop casting while (or later) casting Q and W now transform into another command (movements, attacks) and do not need many clicks.

Reports for troll picks

Recently we talked about trolls that pick Katarina in the jungle and ruin the game. Will we ban them? Riots will write an article about this issue.

Fix of Udyr Spirit Guard phrases 

Riot Games already have a fix for Udyr Spirit Guard phrases that do not work in the past. Now they are looking for a more efficient way to call voice files, to prevent these bugs in future.

Fix of meditation

Riots working under fix of a mystical bug of Meditation, post about which was deleted (this bug can be repeated to gain an advantage to your team).

Meddler about Aatrox

Aatrox season 7

And here is some answers about Aatrox destiny:

  • Riot Games used the effect of Guardian Angel for Aatrox, to reveal some more mysteries. They will make a “special” version of this effect.
  • New Aatrox changes were made to normalize his useless being. Riots still thinking about full rework of Aatrox. This rework will include mechanic and lore changes as well.
  • Aatrox fixes will be revealed in next patch.

A priority list of champions: Galio, Urgot, Eveline, Mordekaiser, Nunu and other old champions are pretty high on this list.

Shrieve about Zac changes in the middle of the season

Zac season 7

What Riots like in Zac Champion:

  • Elastic Slingshot is a great ability that brings much pleasure and gives many opportunities for initiations.
  • His passive ability to collect parts of Zac – is unique and gives an interesting way to restore some HP.
  • Crowd control elements of Zac nicely fit into his design and role in Avangard.
  • His resurrection ability can be used to initiate team fights more often than any other Avangard champion.

What Riots want to change in Zac Champion:

  • We don’t like how Zac players just spam his abilities to deal some damage.
  • As other updated tanks Zac will receive new CC abilities instead ones that deal damage.
  • Some of his past abilities do not fit into this jumping champion’s spirit.
  • Stretching Strike now really looks like Unstable Materia and Riots will definitely change it.
  • Let’s Bounce now looks like a chaotic version of Wukong’s ultimate.

So this champion will be updated in next patches and change his position from burst damage dealer into the champion that can use a lot of CC abilities and DoTs.

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