Q&A: Xayah and Rakan

And again Reddit makes us happy, this time with the topic of questions about the new couple – Xayah and Rakan. The riot appeared as always on time and hurried to give answers to our questions. Let’s start a brief retelling of this session!

Initial plan

Xayah and Rakan portraits

The idea of creating such a pair appeared suddenly in the company of developers. They just wanted to create a pair of humanoids that would ideally look on the same line. Rakan was originally conceived as the Magician, as was Morgana, and in the very first sketches Rakan was a freljord storm mage, and Xayah was a storm elemental who everywhere follows his master. But then this idea disappeared by itself and they decided to replace it with a couple of humanoid creatures.

After the stage of inventing the appearance went, and here everyone agreed unanimously that Rakan should look like a cross between k-pop singer – G-Dragon and the soloist of the band Gogol Bordello – Eugene Hutz.

Deep in the history of the creation of characters

The idea to create Rakan as a Support champion, and Xayah as the Marksman was with us from the very beginning of the creation of concepts. While we were developing the characters of these champions, we also thought about their fighting style and at that very moment we decided that Rakan as a true gentleman should not endanger the life of his girlfriend so he distract enemies all by himself (and at this point we decided to focus him on mobility) while Xayah kills enemies with thousands of cuts.

Rakan must be classy, charming and calm, but only as long as Xayah’s life does not threaten by anything. If he sees at least the slightest threat to his beloved, he is losing his temper and looks a bit unbalanced. As you can see by the Xayah’s eyes, we created these characters not as people, but rather as chimeras, creatures that combining several animals. So, Rakan came from a peacock and that perfectly explain many features of his character.

Xayah and Rakan Appearance

We could not decide for a long time how exactly we want to display the wings of our characters. We even thought about making them harpies, but then someone suggested to make only one wing to each champion, so that together they formed a single whole, and this idea suited us.

Rakan and Xayah

Now we were going to the second step – how to explain this. According to the original plan, we wanted to make their history more tragic, that they long ago lost their second wing, each for their own reasons, but later we came to the decision that Rakan and Xayah could come to an agreement and make these coat-wings because this will be incredibly touching and original.

About the Future

We do not plan to divide this couple, and this means that the skins for these champions will only come out in pairs. The duet of SKT has already been invented and we really liked it. We have already created our next line of skins for “bird” characters, such as Xayah, Rakan, Azir, Quinn, Anivia.

Azir will not be greatly transformed, but the rest will join his visual style and become his faithful warriors.

Now about the balance. We risked a lot when we decide to create a pair champions, but it seems that this time the risks were justified. We never rest and we constantly monitor the correlation of victories and defeats of Xayah and Rakan both together and separately. There is a very fine line here, we need to create characters so that they will be useful alone and able to withstand the others champions, but at the same time, together they do not look excessively strong. But in the end, we still want them stronger together than separately.

We have not gathered enough information to promise that we will repeat such experiment, but if this happens, I would like to see something similar with Morgana and Kayle.

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