Origins of Warwick | Creation of Zaun pt 2.

In our last article we talked about creation of Zaun as a city. We discused about how lightning of this city can bring horror in your heart, and about all these technologies that we saw, like guns and other wonderfull things.

Zaun – City of the evil geniuses

It may be thought that only crazy scientists and unbridled hexstone goons are found in Zaun, but in fact the majority of the urban population are ordinary people living with the most normal life. It is a bustling city with the latest technologies and poor people who have difficult to end up with.

LoL street art zaun

But it’s only part of Zaun. If we go down below, through the clubs of the Grey sky, everything became darker. In the depths of Zaun is runoff, built by industrial buildings, in the alleys full of chemical fumes. Even here at the bottom of the city, it’s not that bad, and people here are proud of Zaun. It’s really dangerous only in the darkest nooks. This is where the dealers are turning suspicious transactions, and the thugs are waiting for their victims.

You just can not find any scariest place… So Warwick should have been hide somewhere here.

Choosing a specific location for the teaser was not easy, because we could not give a general plan at the beginning of the movie, from which it would be immediately clear where we are now. On the Zaun’s dungeons we watch through the eyes of Flega. Csaba Vice, an assistant director in the company Digic Pictures, with which Riot made a movie animation, says, “We needed some open space as a background.”

In order to achieve the desired result, we have added a cadre where Fleg raising the head and looking at the city, but before we did what we want, we rejected several options. In the early sketches, Zaun left not only up but also down, which led to the false impression that the station to which the heroes run was located somewhere in the centre of the city. In addition, smog was able to fill everything, and it was necessary to make the fumes get out of the runoff and fly somewhere upstairs. When we received feedback from our team that was responsible for creating worlds, our colleagues from DIGIC made the necessary changes to the sketches.

Under the gray skies of Zaun

Before our colleagues from DIGIC started to create computer graphics, we told them about our vision of Zaun, given the stories, the old pictures. And, of course, we answered on all important questions about the city. What do the buildings look like? Who lives in them? What are the technologies like? How do people move around here? What is the economic situation of the city? What’s it’s story? It may seem that it is too much information, but any city is the sum of its parts, and it would not be possible without context to understand how the Zaun works.

Zaun streets

The work was compounded by the fact that it was necessary to create not just Zaun, but a very specific area of the city. It had to be convincingly shown that the run-off was different from other areas and why, despite anything, it was a full-fledged part of Zaun. “People are already know about Zaun in the LoL universe by the teaser of Ecco,” says the head of creative division Anton RiotManton Koljuh. “But this time we created the runoff, and they haven’t seen them yet.”

It has been a long time for us to ensure that runoff is part of the rest Zaun and that it is clear that this is a dark, industrial area. In the early sketches, the pipes and corridors turned at a right angle, and they seemed to be built in drawings. The gondola was cozy, it has a place where to sit, and the station looked pretty friendly.

LoL zaun concept into CG

The head of publishing division Brandon “Riot Cottonfxn” Miao, says, “When we brought early sketches to the general meeting of Riot, our creators of the world, said that it was not like the Zaun.” “We all had an understanding of what the city should look like, although we have never worked so much in details.”

The less ideal town became, the more it went to a dangerous, half-destroyed mine, and not just an abandoned tunnel. And by adding more metal and glass to the general picture, we got what we wanted: Zaun’s runoff. Bela Brozek, the art director of Digic, says, “It was not easy to thicken paint, but it seems we’ve managed – the runoff is still part of Zaun.”

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