Origins of Warwick | Creation of Zaun pt 1.

We invited those who wanted to test the updated Warwick and asked them with what they was impressed the most. It turns out, that it’s very scary when you realize that the bell rings on you and that you will be the next victim of the predator. In this fear, we have decided to play by creating a teaser of this champion. And we also decided to give up the voice and create an atmosphere that immersion the player in the depth of Zaun, so that he could feel, on his own skin, what it was to be in the Den of the Beast.

LoL Zaun streets

In the past, we have never draw so detailed any of the regions of the Runeterra, so the atmosphere of Zaun we have created a method of trial and error. In other words, before we get the zaun we imagined, we made many choices we had to abandon. But in the mistakes, we learn, and in the end, we’ve outlined the architecture, lighting and technology of Zaun, for the first time in the history of the game.

Lightning the depths of the Warwick’s Den

Zaun is strongly associated with the dark green gamma. All surfaces have greenish shades; Green oozes from windows and lighting the grey skies above the city. Green is also the color of Warwick, but tracking the movement of the glowing green Werewolf in the dim light greenish landscape was all the same as finding a black cat in the dark room. Warwick merged with a very green neighborhood, and he’s a star of this movie.

We needed a light that would, among other things, help create a unsettling atmosphere. Horror (games and films) are often used bluish illumination, but we thought it was more suitable for science fiction. For run-off of Zaun it would be too trivial. We were looking for a color scheme that would reflect the frightening, painful atmosphere of runoff, but would not go to Sinev and green.

In the end, we agreed to give a soft illumination of dim-green, almost grey colour. So we made it feel that the action was taking place in Zaun, without distracting attention from the Warwick figure. Then we chased the fear by adding mustard-yellow artificial light sources. Riot Cottonfxn says, “At first, we were not sure we did the right thing, because the illumination was not green.The faithfulness of our decision was persuaded only by the words of the players themselves that the situation of Zaun is truly accurate.”

Technology of Zaun

Zaun’s Technology (and Piletowera) is the most advanced in all Runterra, but even here, automatic weapons remain a curiosities. The manufacturing technology is already known, but all samples are so rare and expensive, which is only available to richer. In our world, it was with cars 100 years ago: they already existed, but there were little on the roads.

Zaun weapon

If Boggin and Fleg have got guns, it would have far-reaching consequences for the entire Runeterra. If firearms so prevalent in Zaun, why their inhabitants did not conquer the whole world? All the inhabitants of Demasia and Noxus are running around with swords and shields. What they could do against shotguns? In fact, the technology is not so developed here.

League of Legends Boggin concept

Stay with us, and later i will end this story about How Zaun was created.

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