Likkrit | One of the best LoL players finished his career

Likkrit ended his career | Why Riots banned Likkrit?

Two weeks ago former player of the M19 – Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev shared all his pain on his stream. He tells all hidden information about CIS region of the League, about cybersport organizations, commands, and much much more.

likkrit lol

This stream is already erased by Likkrit but some people save the fragments of it, they could be found here, and they were approved by the Likkrit himself.

Recently Likkrit was banned on the League of Legends competitive pro-stage for 6 months. But this decision did not disappoint Likkrit because he decided to leave the summoner’s rift forever.

I am leaving LoL.

Well guys, it is time for some adventures.

I am in the game from 2013 year, was loyal servant of the Riot Games.

I love Riot Games and League of Legends in particullary, i spent 4 years of my life in it. I will never blame this company, even considering the fact that my role in LoL is over now.

The future of CIS region in League of Legends

After Likkrit leaves the pro stage, CIS players start a riot where they just decline to play on RU servers. What the Star said about it? He very disappointed in CIS players. He said that it is a wrong decision, that will lead to the decreasing of the CIS financing and the whole LoL’s popularity in the region.

The ORIGINS of the Likkrit’s ban

It is funny that the wrong translation could lead to this result. On his stream Likkrit said:

Знаете, что должно с нашим регионом произойти? Все хорошие игроки должны из него уехать. И это будет абсолютно правильно. Никто не уедет, потому что одни подписали контракт, другие уже решили играть вместе, у третьих нет актуальных предложений, вот и получаем… По-хорошему, наш регион должен просто сдохнуть.

What can be translated next:

You know what should be with our region? All good players must leave it. And this will be an absolutely right decision. But nobody will leave because one of them signed a contract, other just decided to play together here… I think that our region must just die.

It is clear that he said not about people, but about the professional stage as it is. But Riots just comment:

The first time a pro-player wishes death to another, he gets a warning and a short ban. When he states “RU region should just die”, he gets a longer ban

That is terribly wrong, but this decision lead to the end of one of the most skillful and inspirational players of League of Legends. Goodbye Likkrit, we will never forget you.


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