League of Legends – 6.23 patchnotes

Recently Riot made another update under number 6.23 where they fixed some bugs, and rebalanced a few heroes. So less talks, more patchnotes. Lets begin!

League of Legends 6.23 Patchnotes

League of Legends


Balde of the Ruined King:

Damage coefficient from maximum health – 6% > 8%.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade:

!New effect! Now increase attack speed by 25%.

Sterak’s Gage:

  • Receipt price 1150 > 1050.
  • Overall price 2700 > 2600.

Summoners Rift

Mead fruit

Fixed an issue from what some passive effects, that apply outside the combat, disabled after eating the fruit.

Farseer’s bloom

Textures of indicator became clearer and brighter.

Explosive cone

Fixed an issue that causes Hecarim’s Devastating rush (E ability) throw him foreward, instead of backward.

Exp from Monsters

Fixed an issue that makes champions not recieve additional experience for an item for junglers when he kills monster that higher level and champions level arise too.


Exp for Sharpbeak is reduced: 65 > 15.


Experience for mini crags is increaced: 5 > 15 (Ancient Crag and Crag are still the same).

New League of Legends Client

LoL Runes

Alpha test is finnaly over. Beta test is starting!

New features:

Now replays are available at all servers.

Now players see all available lists of public games.

Now players can sort and filter items in the bag of hack stack craft.

Important change:

  • Sound level and sound quality was changed and enhanced. We hope that this will fix an issue that replicas of Champions were too loud.
  • After that update LoL icons will be replaced by new icons of an updated client. There is no more need in launching old update program to launch updated client.
  • Process LeagueClient.exe will no longer stay running after you close the client.
  • Client will not break and goes dark anymore, when player try to start a new game, and other player decided to leave at the same moment.

Other in League of Legends

  • Fixed a bug when kill does not count to Shaco or Le Blanc if their clone does the last blow.
  • Fixed a bug due to that Apha Strike recharge timer was incorrect.
  • Playful / Trickster no longer causes damage if Fizz die when he was in his trident.
  • Information about changing characteristics in hints to Kha’Zix was changed.
  • Now active effect of Hextech Protobelt-01 correctly interupt Returning if you use it properly.
  • Control totems no longer place symbol “disabled” on Zz’rot’s portals.
  • Visuals effects of Catarina was updated to return her greatness, that was lost in preseason update.
  • Voice effects of Vandal, Gangster and Twich when they use Recall were updated.
  • Underwater sound effect of Recall of Syndra from Atlantis no longer interupts until Recall ended.

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