League of Legends: Update of Ferocity

It is worth noting that all the trees of talents working on a similar principle. As we move down talents are more focused on the support of individual styles of play – both in terms of the benefits provided and requirements that must be met to receive these benefits. In addition, the initial talent is usually directed at the stage of the game on the line, or sweep the forest, and later become necessary as events unfold. And now, remembering all of the above, we go directly to changes.

LoL Jinx


Ferocity – suitable for champions that prefer long fights against enemies. They increasing number of ways to fight in such battles.

Double-edged sword

Taking into account the principle described above, we have concluded that the Double-edged sword is hardly suitable for the second rank and the early stage of the game – especially if you compare it with the Feast. Talent is transferred to the rank 4.

A new talent Fresh blood. It will be useful for those who fight not only with minons on line. First auto attack on the champion additionally inflicts damage equal to 10 + (1 per champion level) (recharge – 9 seconds.)

Double-edged sword. Rank 4 is more suitable for double-edged sword – now to existing variants of increasing damage will add another one – with the risk / reward. In addition, we are increasing its indices to reflect the new position in the tree. Inflict 5% more damage and get 2.5% more damage.

LoL Ahri


Talent persecutor was removed. In the Champions either have control effects, or they do not, therefore persecutor – too binary talent. When the main question – whether you can do something or not, your playing style fades into the background.

Added a new talent Combat trans

Safer than a Double-edged sword, but takes time to earn at full capacity. Increases the damage done to a maximum of 5% for 5 seconds. during the battle with the enemy champions

Head hunter

Head hunter will increase your damage by 1.5% with every your kill.


Fervor of Battle

Now Fervor of Battle increase attack power – indicator that is useful for a larger number of methods of protracted fighting. Speaking frankly, this change will strike assemblies aimed at effects on hit, but in general now all potential users will be on an equal footing.

Hitting enemies with auto attacks, and spells will give you charges (2 in close combat). Charges longs for 4 sec (10 stacks max) and increase power of attack by 1-6 for every charge.

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