League of Legends: Right way to rise ELO rating

Greetings, today i decided to tell you abut several ways to rise your Elo rating. As foundation of this article you can consider my giant experience (more than 5 years) and statistical info from LoLNexus.

Elo Boosting By Yourself

Let’s begin, we have 5 positions in League of Legends: Mid, Jungle, Support, Top, AD Carry. And % of victory consider (mostly) from next roles(In descending order):

Mid lane Role | League of Legends ELO

Mid LoL

This is one of the most important roles in whole League. If you win Mid lane then in 30% of all matches you will win the game.

Advantages of playing at the Mid Lane:

  • you gain ton of experience – and it with it you earn levels very fast;
  • have a good farming spot – you have only 1 enemy against you, and all opportunities to farm are yours;
  • If you manage to kill your opponent more that 2 times, then you will automatically win the lane, because you will be 2 or more level above your opponent;
  • Many opportunities for a gang – you gain 7 level fast and can go on other lanes to help your’s team mates.

Disadvantaged of Playing at the Mid Lane:

  • You are the priority target Number 1 – all these advantages makes from you a perfect victim. Always stay on guard and watch on other lines.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – No i’m not uncle Ben, but this is great quote. Do not fear to lose mid lane, just always play at your best.
  • And of course Mid Lane position is the hardest position in the League of Legends. You need a lot of practice before you can play on it.

As a small recal about Mid Lane i can say that is the best spot for any who want to boost Elo in League of Legends.

Jungle Role | League of Legends ELO

Jungle LoL

Jungler is another solid role to boost your Elo in LoL. Many opportunites for a gang, a lot of free gold, useful buffs. Let’s take a closer look.

Advantages of playing in the Jungle:

  • You play mostly versus minions and other jungle mosters – All is up to you, just a little practice and you will know how to deal with every pack in jungle without problems.
  • Opportunities for a gang – Playing as a jungler you have plenty of free time, so just look at closer lanes or Mid lane. Find the right time and then unleash all your’s fury at the enemy, and gain advantage for your’s team.

Disadvantages of playing in the Jungle:

  • You can be easily ganged by enemy jungler or any other champion – If your team do not have enough ward you will be an easy target. Focus on enemies and play cautiosly if some of them are missing.
  • Hard to catch your team mates in experience if you was ganged – This is the main curse of all junglers. If enemy hunting at you, then you miss your’s way to earn exp and gold. Of course you can go on other lanes, but it mean that you fail your Jungler work.

Another Small recap – Jungler is not the best position to boost Elo in LoL but it pretty solid. Just stay aware and you can win the match.

Support Role | League of Legends ELO

Support LoL

The most important role in the game, never underestimate players that play as Supports and play them good. They doing the hardest work in League, but they mostly stay in the shadows.

Advantages of playing as Support:

  • You act as a mother to all your team – you must help your Mid Lane champion, babysitting your ADC and place wards all the time. And in gratitude you will gain thanks at best, and it is not always.
  • You open the potential of the team in several times, if you do everything right – Your ADC will start pawn enemy’s team much earlier if he have a good support on his side. Mid Laner can kill his opponent with a help of Support. Even Jungler will be thankfull for your wards, that show when enemies approach.

Disadvantages of playing as Support:

  • Almost never you will have enough gold to buy some cool items – you role is babysiting your’s ADC and all gold will fall into his hands. Your jub is put wards and other supports things.
  • Supports are perfect target for a team flame – Your contribution to the victory is almost unnoticeable against the rest of the roles, but if you start to lose, most of people look at your little creep stat, you KDA coefficient and other things.

It is not the easiest role in the game, and if all rest team play horrible you just can not win the match alone. The worst position for Elo Solo boosting.

AD Carry Role | League of Legends ELO

ADC lol

One of the easiest ways to rise your Elo – play as ADC. ADC are always babysited by supports, so all you need to do in the early game – get a good Creep Stat and do not die at all.

Advantages of AD Carry Role:

  • Easy gaming phases – Early game is one of the easiest times for every ADC. Just stay on Lane, farm all minions and do everything to not die. All other work supports will do.
  • Strength in mid/late game – From the Mid game you opened like a flower. You start run through the lanes, kill enemies and help your team to destroy enemies Nexus as fast as you can.

Disadvantages of AD Carry Role:

  • You the MVP of your team – If you failed you will lose game in 90% of matches. So you need to be really good, if you can not kill minions properly, then go in Practice Tool and train.
  • Easy target in early game – Most of the ADC did not have any escape abilities, so if enemies decided to kill you, only your support can help.

AD Carry is the second best role if you want to Rise Elo in League of Legends. If you sure in yourself then play as ADC and win almost every match.

Top Lane Role | League of Legends ELO

Top LoL

This is one of the hardest positions ever. You play agains enemy’s AD Carry and his Little Support, and it is your job to harras ADC as hard as you can. But remember that you can not let them to kill you. Never. Ever.

Advantages of Top Lane Role:

  • You play alone – so all gold, exp and any other depends only on you.
  • You can kill enemy’s ADC to decrease his potential in mid and late game.

Disadvantages of Top Lane Role:

  • You play alone – so all gold, exp and any other depends only on you.
  • You can be killed by an enemy’s ADC and this will increase his potential in Mid and Late game.

As a recap i can say that this one of the hardest roles ever made by Riot Games, but even if you dominate on you line, it will be hard to win the match if others will fail.

Elo Boosting by Boosteria company

And here we are, the most controversial way of raising your Elo rating – pay for some Boosting Service to rise your ELO. Remember that this is not panacea and if you just can not play properly, you will go down very fast, until you reach your’s previous rating. Remember that lol boost  – is a way to get from your personal Elohell, no more no less.

Boosteria Lol

Advantages of Boosting service:

  • You can reach desirable Elo rank in a blink of an eye.
  • If you reached Diamond league, then you will get a lot of Diamond point, and with them you can win games easily.
  • Nobody will know that you being boosted, this is a strict rule.
  • You can watch how service boosting your accaunt online, and learn some tricks from your own, personal booster.
  • You will earn a lot of Diamond, for all these boosting games.
  • Personal area, where you can chat with your booster.
  • Loyalty program – The more boost you order – the cheaper them became.
  • Regular sales – To almost every holiday Boosteria offer a giant discount coupons. Righ now they have 12% discount on boosting, dedicated to the start of the Spring.
  • Quick order completion – If you below Platinum 3 then you will gain at least 1 division per a day. Pretty impressing speed!
  • Many awesome guides about League of Legends – after a boost you will need a proper guide, and you can find them right here.

Boosteria loyalty program

So if you are ready to order a boost, then you can choose some options like:

Placement Matches – With every new season your Elo rating will be reseted, and you must play 10 placement matches to get your division. So if you afraid that you can not play properly during placement matches than juse use this option.

Pay per Win – It is easy, you think that you are 10 wins from next rank? then order 10 wins and save some money. Make sure that you calculate your chances properly!

Champion Mastery – If you love one champion and want a really good skin for him, but you do not have enough time to play, then just use this option!

Duo Queue Boosting – You will play in a pair with professional booster, and can watch some cool tricks from him. Also this way is the safest way of boosting, because your accaunt information will stay with you.

LoL Coaching – If you want to learn something new, then this option for you! Professional gamer will watch at your’s gameplay and help to fix all mistakes that you made. Just Check profiles of the professional league of legends boosters.

What you need to became an Elo Booster in Boosteria Company?

Firstly of all you need to learn LoL in all ways. Know how all champions works and how to counter all of them. Secondly you need a really high rank in LoL.

Boosteria Personal Area

Regular Booster requirement:

  • Diamon 1 or higher (Master or Challanger) rank.
  • No tribunal penalites for scripting or bad behavior.
  • Follow the rules and you’ll be fine.

Junior elo Booster requirement:

  • Diamon 5 + Elo rank in League of Legends.
  • No tribunal penalites for scripting or bad behavior.
  • Strict rules following, espocially during trial (100 wins).

Boosteria discounts

Only real professionals with really high skill can work as an Elo Booster in the Boosteria.

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