League of Legends new Client

In old clientold technologies, with them we just can not release new, interesting things. Every change, even the tinyest, need 100500 humans in 100500 years. We have a great amount of changes, but we just cant use them in old client. If you wan to read why old client is so bad from the sigh of developers view, the click here:


Let both of clients work

We just can’t let them both to live, because we just do not have enough recources. If you think that we can leave old client without updates, then it is terribly wrong. Old client always need updates, and we will just pend our precious recources on it.

New client for lol

So in 7-8 of Marth we will start a test. Part of players will be switched on a new client, but old client on a test period will stay. Button to start old client will be on login screen in right-bottom corner. If you already use new client, then there will not ba anything new for you.

We still working on problems of new client, firstly about it performance. Test will be succsessfull if the biggest part of players will stay on the updated client and will use it as the main launcher.

We have a plan to stop working with the old client in 7.6 or 7.7 patch, but this plan can be changed of course.

Disadvantages of New LoL Client

Performance is the main problem of new League of legends client, but we already working on it.

Few changes about:

  • If you have a wooden PC, then we have an option of low requirements.
  • Option of low requirements became better and better with every patch, and you can enable it by clicking on a button in the right upper edge of the client
  • While option of low requirements are enable, client will be closed automatically when you pick your champion, to release powers of your’s pc for the next match. As soon as the match is over, client will be opened in a few seconds.

We continuously add something new in the new LoL client. Also we listen and read everything you say about new client. This information do not erased by us, we use it as a foundation to build our plan of development.

If you write about some issues, then it is already scheduled in our’s plans, and wait until we deal with other problems, like performance for example.

New LoL client

Just to be told, when some Riot guys find a problem, he write a letter about bug in the support through League of Legends Client, and wait for his queue. Play like a Player and not anything else.

We wait for your’s commentaries and wish to the New LoL Client to be released from technical issues like performance issue.

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