League of legends: Jungle changes in Preseason

Completely reworked Jungle in the League of Legends

LoL jungle

Developers love to change how jungle looks like in League of Legends, and they just can not stop themselves. And at this time jungle of Summoners Rift will change their appearance, and with it all game.

Main change – Plants. There will be 3 kind of PlantsExplosive cone, Farseer’s bloom, Honey fruit. These new plant will add some new unpredictable pathes in jungle, vision without totems and free first aid kit on the river.

Jungle LoL

New plants in LoL jungle

Explosive cone

Explosive plant can be used to jump across the walls and this will be useful not only in attack, but also when you are fleeing from enemies. There will be 8 explosive plants in jungle of each side. So you can use them for an ambush attacks.

Farseer’s blossom

Farseer’s blossom will provide vision for 15 sec in short radius. Yep, this is not big time, but this can be extremely useful and this flower will save your life not just once. Also it will reveil disguised enemies.

Honey Fruit

Honey fruit will appear at the river, and when you hit it, it will divide on 4 smaller pieces. Each of it will heal you and restore some mana. But it will be a bad decision to eat some of these pieces while you are fleeing from an enemy, because it slows you down for a short periud of time.

Monster Changes in LoL Jungle

LoL jungle camps

Firsty – one of the main changes in the life of jungler, Riot decided to remove Smite buff from the game.

Red and Blue monster are now solo camps. Gramp no longer poisons you, but he Raging in the beginning of the fight. Raptors camp increased their number, and now there is 6 Raptors that sit there and waiting for theirs death. Also developers change spawning time.

“At 6.22 jungle has undergone radical changes, even if we do not talk about plants. Most foresters for new timers will start now with the buffs, cleaned half the forest and continue to play on the situation, because the disintegrating Krags and increasing the number of raptors is not much change something. It is a pity that there will be no effects after using Smite, but on the whole forest will be much safer, especially in the assassin meta, where foresters like Lee Sin and Kha’Zix rise sharply in priority. Camp now resurrected by twenty seconds longer, it can be a plus or a big minus. In general, aggressive picks, that can win lines for their teams, will rule the world, and the forest changes was sent in their favor. It’s a shame for the tanks, but what we can do … »- Reignover

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