League of Legends art | Photos into pictures

Riot’s artist alway take a photo from what they draw pictures of future champions. Until now they were hiding in the shadows, but today we will reveil them.

LoL Draven

Above is one of the photos was made during work under Beast Hunter Draven skin. As soon as Riot’s artists seen that picture they already knew what face will Draven have. Look at him, looks like Draven in a flesh. All Riot guys have a folder with this sort of photos.

Photography helps us to visualize our ideas. Sometimes Google is enough, but when you looking for something more specific, you need to make photos all by yourself.

All champion arts have a ancester’s photo?

No, but i think they need to do them in future. If you can not to think about how this champion will look in various poses, then take your phone and take some selfies. Here you see only 1 photo, but artist made a ton of them, and then they choose the perfect one. Photoes help to see the picture without drawing it, just use some of imagination, and you will see.

LoL Hand

Riot’s splash arts look so realistic becouse they took reality as a foundation. Of course they can draw as they want, but they want to draw a real champions, and want to players all over the world seen life in their poses, eyes. Want to belive that they are real. And to make details real you need to remember how human arms work.

Photos into art – origin of idea

Well, drawing on photos artist began long ago, and Riots were not the first ones. I think the first photo was re-drawned as soon as people saw it.

We do not invented something new, artist in darker ages draw from nature, hire peoples to sit in front of them while they draw their paintings.  Righ now we can use photos instead. We just transform old technique into digital reality.

How photos helped artist?

We try to figure out how our image will looks. For example while we worked under Pool Party Leona skin we bought an orange umbrella and shoot a few photos, and on it we saw how light that goes through umbrella was painted into orange colours, and this little detail helped to IronStylus to make this picture a really cool.

Of course this is not the only advantage of this method. While you playing the role of the champion you draw, you start to better understand him, and this helps a lot. This may sound strange, but if you live the live of a champion, you can do better art.

When HUGEnFAST draw Gangplank he tryed to find right emotes and faces. All this makes HUGEnFAST and Gangplank closer and artist now can understand what happened in the head of this champion, and how his thoughts controls his movements.

When you take a champion in a pose like you want to draw him, you understand where his center of gravity is, how his muscles works. When 3rdColossus made a pictures of Warwick he can see how weight of a body spread across arms and legs. This pose helped him a lot: Now he knew that this in a extremely inconvenient; that we is not a wolf; human neck do not work for this pose. But he aknowledge how Warwick use his arms and legst while he standing in that pose. On a picture you can not say anything about his pose, but if you try to sand this by yourself, you will see that arms are not that flexible and other little details.

What is so important in those photos?

While we working under splash arts, we try to make every little detail in perfect way. And this really helps to made a really realistic champion and make people belive in emotions that we draw on this painting. Just use reality as starting point – do not restrain your imagination.

Many of you think that art – is a magic gift, and all artist are gifted with it. But in our reality artists work very hard, learn many materials, and try everything they can. Anathomy, lights, color… all of this is increadibly hard even for professional painter. Photos helps to draw reality on a paper.

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