League of Legends | Anivia – Festival Queen

After a long conversation between Riot command from Brasilia and USA we, finally decided, and released an image, that will be liked by all players of League of Legends all over the world: Festival Queen Anivia. She say goodbuy to her’s previous image of the cryophoenix.

Defeat any enemies with a dance of the Festival Queen Anivia only for 975 RP in League of Legends ingame Shop.

Anivia – ruler of kingdom of fun and dances

anivia scale LoL

Every year’s summer holidays are world wide famous. In USA they named like Mardi Gras, In Augertine – Murga, in Russia they call it Maslenitsya. And this are only a drop in the sea of holidays! Brazil’s festival are famous in homeland, and world wide – this is one of the most famous holiday in the world.

Jessica Artsed Paulin from Santa Fe draw a concept of Festival Queen Anivia. She choose Anivia for her’s work just because this giant bird was her’s first champion and she just love her. “When i worked on Avenia’s design Ave Enmascarada, most of the skins for Anivia was dark and grim, but i wanted to add some pink and violet colours to her”.

Other Riot’s Skin

After Gangplank’s release, brasilian office asked local players: what are they waiting from next skin? And they get 3 straight answers. First two – myths and nature, was used to create Nami Spirit of the River, and Gerakhim Spirit of the Forest. And we still got 3rd answer – carnival.

Anivia pre release concept LoL

“We looked at a variety of concepts the Brazil and Latin America teams presented to the skins team, and there was a concept from a player in Argentina that we all really loved for Anivia,” said Carlos “IamCarlos” Giffoni, product manager in the NA office. “We worked closely with the Brazil team to make sure we had a good understanding of the look and feel and what things were important to represent. We’d wanted to go and experience Carnaval in person. We are just waiting for the BR team to invite us.”

Concept artist Justin “RiotEarp” Albers just took spirit of South America and place it right into the League of Legends.

“We looked at Carnaval motifs, float statues, videos, birds-of-paradise (suggested by artist Jean “Riot Curing” Go), and looked into how each city celebrates Carnaval in its own way, just to get as much inspiration as possible.”

When many cultures work together as a one being, the can make skin, that will be liked not only by Brasilians! Riot Team from Usa, Brasilia and Latin America together with animation studia from Argentina, united their force to create Festival Queen Anivia.

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