League of Legends 7.4 Patch Notes

In patch 7.4 Riots will try to fix some problems with ranged champions. Mostly of previous patches were focused on various errors that do not let ranger champions live, but in 7.4 Riots focus on Sharpshooters themselves.

League of Legends 7.4 Champions patchnotes

Cho’Gath finally get changes, and now can breath. They still work about this Monster from Abyss and release him into Summoners rift to see their efforts.


Cho'gath lol

Now Devour [R] can accumulate charges without limites. Moreover charges now are no longer lost when you die. Damage Coefficient of Devour [R] from ability powers was reduced, but to compencate it was added damage coefficient from additional health.


Movement speed increased while he collect bells. Riots do not seen Bard in the Summoners Rift for a while, and they decided to upgrade his movement speed. They enhance his travelers skills.


Was fixed a bug that sometimes appear when Cassiopeia use hers Petrifying Gaze [R] with Blink. Also now her tail moves more realistic.


Chinese Corki lol

Damage from casual rocket was reduced, and now number of rockets shown at special indicator.

Right now Corki is one of the strongest mid lane Champions. He have everything he need to earn that title: Giant damage, high line clearing speed, glorious mustages. To normalize first 2 factors, we reduce efficient of Rocket Barrage [R], but barely touch Megarocket.


Jhin from the very beginning of season 7 was really strong ranged champion, and to slightly reduce his power, Riots reduced slow down from his [R] from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds.


Riots think that Katarina have too strong magic resist, so they decided to reduce it by 2. Was 34 now 32.


Mana cost of Arcane Smash [Q] increased. Sapling Toss [E] now do not deal damage.

Right now Maokai at upper line is unstopable super tank. From his ability of line clearing this corrupted Ent just do not have any enemies. With increasing mana cost of Arcane Smash his enemies  now can catch him, while he has no mana. With this little fix Maokai now must choose what he need, clear waves of minions or fight with opponents.


Ryze Runic Mage lol

Damage of Overload [Q] against enemies that was marked with Spell Flux [E] was reduced.

Ryze was already changed in 7.1 patch, but this was not enough. This Runic Mage still shoots everyone from his magic machine gun in middle or late game.

Updated LoL’s client

Practice tool instrument and cool update of graphical design.

Now if you enable Wooden PC option client will close automatically as soon you choose your champions. After the end of the match aftermatch’s screen will appear after a short delay. In that moments you may think that your client blow up, but Riots still working on that issue.

Important changes:

  • Missing buttons to kick players from lobby now at their places.
  • Volume of the sound effect, when screen changed from champion pick screen to the game itself was greatly reduced.
  • Add amount of friend online to your friend list.
  • In the upper right angle was added a link to the Support of League of Legends.
  • Now players can add player into friend list, look at profiles of watchers or kick other players from lobby.
  • Words in chat no longer will be divided into 2 lines.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire

ARURF is back from 2.24.17 – 2.27.17 and 3.3.17 – 3.6.17.

Important notes:

  • Gold gain, movement speed was increased in ARURF mode.
  • In this mode you can use special Urf’s emotion.
  • ARAM and ARURF have repick function. You will receive a new repick attempt every 1-2 games.
  • Strength of shield was decreased at 50%, but do not fear, they still super effective.

Join the madness, and good luck to all URFers!

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