League of Legends | 15 Free champions

League of Legends for beginners | 15 free champion rotation

The company Riot Games announced that starting this week will review the rules for free rotation of champions in its MOBA League of Legends. With the growing number of available heroes, players often expressed such an idea, so the developers decided to support this idea, deciding to bring the number of free champions to 10% of the total champion available in the League of Legends. This means that now 14 heroes will be available free of charge every week, and as soon as a new champion appears in the League of Legends, this figure will be increased to 15.

LoL Skins

Such a change should help both novice players to master the pool of champions faster and more experienced, doubting the purchase of one or another champion, thanks to the opportunity to test it first in the case.

We remind you that free rotation is not available in the rating modes of the game.

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