Harassment of the Brigitte’s voice actress

Brigitte’s launch this past year gave rise to one of the greatest backlashes that an Overwatch hero launching has obtained. The widely-voiced disdain for its service protagonist proceeds to exist nearly a complete year after her release, which has directed several Overwatch lovers to frighten the character’s voice actress, Matilda Smedius.

Brigitte | The sad destiny of the hero affected the actress

The 21-year-old voice celebrity initially mentioned the harassment within a Twitter article, expressing her confusion over a message she obtained stating Brigitte had “ruined Overwatch and [its own ] meta

I am really so accountable for conversing about this, I actually just wish to spread positivity and love,” Smedius stated from the Twitter thread. “I simply don’t know the purpose of folks doing so.”

Brigitte Overwatch

The tweet made its way into the Overwatch subreddit, garnering a mix of both service and extra negativity. Smedius then reacted to the backlash another time by submitting a movie into YouTube four days afterward, thanking her fans and further describing the rationale behind her first tweet.

I was just kind of fed up with these messages popping up all of the time,” the voice actress stated. “I really don’t know why somebody would write this. I really don’t know why folks hashtag #DeleteBrig in my photos or call me fat. I really don’t know the purpose

Smedius reaction to the Overwatch Community

Before Smedius finished the movie, she left her fans using a tearful message.

Overwatch Brigitte voice actor

It makes me happy that people like what I do, and it makes this whole thing much easier since I know that I have you guys and that I have the terrific folks at Blizzard and the superb voice celebrities from Overwatch,” Smedius explained.

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