Graves’ cigar – The mystery of extinction

Graves and his cigar

Cigar graves splash art

Creating Graves, we wanted to create a macho-runaway, roaming with a cigar and a big gun, because everyone loves bad guys. But soon after the release of the splash art, about a month later, we removed his cigar because we fear that the rating of the game can be raised in some regions or countries.

But we created a system to return his cigar in many regions where it is not forbidden. It was not easy in terms of technology, but we created a mechanism that shows different content depending on the region. With the help of a certain marker file, we check where the game was started and replace certain effects. For example, in China, where blood would increase the rating of the game, we changed all red Vladimir’s effects into the black.

Ways to solve the problem

Up to a certain point, we did not have such markers for other countries. We began work on the mechanics of splitting the versions of splash-art on different servers because this would allow us to simplify and speed up the process of the work. But this made it impossible to have different arts on different servers. We did not want to go back to the past methods of transferring art to the PBE, but we wanted Graves to have a cigar in his mouth.

Graves fanart

Now in the game files, there are 2 versions of Graves – with and without a cigar. With the release of the patch 7.9, the game shows Graves without a cigar, but we added a new mechanic that has a list of countries with the prohibitions of alcohol, tobacco, and blood. Soon we will be able to determine in which country a person lives and on the basis of this data we will be able to display various, authorized versions of splash art. In the future, we plan to release such mechanics not only in the game but also on the official portal of the game, so as not to cause anger of parents accidentally saw a cigar in the teeth of a game character.

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