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 How to boost Elo in League of Legends | Intro

Hello my friends, today I will learn you how to promote Elo as a Jungler. This guide is written taking into account that you perfectly know League of Legends mechanics and know how to behave in the game.

LoL Skins

And second thing – this guide is written for LoL players in low divisions – Bronze, Silver, or Gold. For everyone else, this guide may also be useful, because you may find some tips and tricks about Elo boosting.

I learned a lot of data about Elo rising in SoloQ as a Jungler, and now I want to share this information with you. Writing this guide I used data from Diamond and Challenger guides from EU servers.

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What is Elo?

Elo is an indicator of your personal skill. Firstly it was used by Arpad Elo as a skill indicator in chess games. Now many competitive games use this Elo system, but how LoL use it? Elo system was not created for multiplayer games, but it was implemented for it. For first 10 games you calibrate rating, and after calibration games, you will receive Elo Rating.

League of Legends Jungler

To increase your rating you need to learn how to play in LoL and how to think in the right way. And of course, play, play, play, and play a lot of games. Guides, VOD, Streams – all these can greatly help you, but you will never reach new highs without practice.

SoloQ | Elo rising as Jungler

First of all, I want to divide all jungler into two groups.

  1. Farmers
  2. Gankers

Farmers are junglers which power is slowly accumulating. They are quite weak in the early stages of the game, but they will shine in the middle and late stages. Farmer-junglers can clear jungles so quick and efficient that they can keep their level and gold level as the solo laners. Great examples of farmer-junglers:

  • Shyvana
  • Nasus
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Amumu

Gankers – junglers that are very strong in early stages of the game, they can perform a perfect ganks and kill many enemies, but their power slowly reducing the further game is on. Gankers must use their potential to the maximum, and if you can not win the game in 25-35 minutes you will be quite useless. Examples of the ganking jungler champions:

  • Shaco
  • Evelynn
  • Zac

To be honest, there is a third category of jungler champions, they can well perform both these roles. Such heroes like Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, and Udir are perfect jungler champions that are just great.

Jungler | Early game

The first thing you need to do is to invade an opposite jungle to steal their buff, or to make a First Blood on an enemy. But firstly evaluate your strength and strength of your team. Invade is a risk, and if you have a team that is weak in the early game, then just forget about it.

At the beginning of the game, evaluate the strength of your team at the first level. The amount of control that you are able to give. Count how much you have, and how much have opponents, compare and draw a conclusion.

LoL Junglers

Most junglers in the low Elo begin with a blue buff, and most of the invasions are made on him. But no less effective is the attempt to steal an enemy’s red buff. Quite often no one protects it, and there is a high chance to steal it.

Where to start?

Usually, it’s more profitable to start with a buff that is on the side of the bottom lane, blue side – red, the purple is blue. I prefer bot because you can always use the help of the support, or perform an effective gank.

But if you play as some super mana dependant jungler, for example, Amumu, you can start with blue for the blue side.

Just consider two things:

  1. Think about which lane you want to gank when you take the second buff. Bottom buff is usually taken to perform a quick gank on middle lane, but if you have some other ideas and you 100% sure about it then you can start with the top buff.
  2. Think about which buff is more efficient for further ganks. During the first buff, all you need to do is to farm jungle minions, but with the second buff you can start a gank, so think about which buff will be more useful.

Confrontation of Junglers | League of Legends

The situations when you get a second buff an enemy jungler might visit you. This is quite usual for all ganker-junglers because they have strong abilities that can deal great burst damage at the first levels.

First of all, remember – do not fight with him, if you are not 100% sure about your victory. Act just like an enemy team tries to invade you. Just stay away for a while.

If opposite jungler is not going to go anywhere, then ask for a help. But do not think that they will run to help you, everyone busy with their own businesses.

Farm Farm Farm | LoL

Never forget about a farm, even if you picked a ganking champion. Even if your only strong side is early ganks, still, do not forget to farm. Farm jungle on the way to the gank, farm after a gank, farm when you do not see ganking opportunities. Farm bring lots of exp and gold, so never ignore it.


Make sure that you meet at least some of the next conditions, before performing a counter jungle:

  • You have a great escape ability.
  • You are stronger than the enemy.
  • You sure where the enemy is.
  • You have your Smite on.

When entering an enemy’s jungle you greatly risk. Do not forget that laners are slowpokes, and you will have 10-15 second to kill a jungler or to leave the jungle.

League of Legends

If you know that the opposite jungler is on the other side of the map, then do not forget about other champions. Be sure that you can steal jungle minions and easily leave.

You need Smite to quickly steal the buff or to gank a jungler.

Ganks | Jungler

Never forget about ganks, just farming your jungle. Even if you are a very weak ganker, you need to create pressure on the lanes. Think and calculate where the gank is really needed, where you will spend your time with the greatest benefit.

Not ganking, or rare and useless ganking, you essentially leave your team 4 vs 5 before the end of the laning phase. It never ends with anything good.

Ganks are committed to gaining the advantage and creating pressure on enemies. After achieving one or more of the above goals, the gank can be considered successful, and after that, it is better to move away and continue to do your own business. Do not be greedy, even if the enemy has 5 hp – do not mindlessly jump under turret.

Each dive should be well thought out, one of the divers should be fat enough to tank the turret and both of you must have some escape abilities. You do not have to chase after anybody, do not make two flashes after one flash if you are not 100% sure that you will kill. It’s just not profitable. Keep your head in the cold and do sober calculations.

Conclusions | Elo Risions in SoloQ

I wrote less than I planned initially, but still, it turned out just indecently a lot. It is unfortunate that there are no spoilers on this blog, and I can not make this wall of text more readable. Please leave your comments, specify, ask. I hope that my guide will give someone food for thought, help someone raise an elo, start to master the role of a jungler or just entertain. Thank you for attention!

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