Beginner’s guide to playing LOL

I remember the first game I played in League of Legends. It caught me immediately even if I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to understand: lanes positions, items, types of champions, skills points… But one piece of advice is: Remain calm! If the game caught you enough already, you’ll understand everything of it in no time.

The maximum level in League of Legends is 30. However, until you get to level 5 you have all the time to familiarize with the game. Afterwards, more gameplay options will be available for you as player vs. player games. But don’t rush things out! Try different champions to find the ones you play better with and practice a lot with them.


Then it comes the map. The map has three main lanes – top, middle and bottom. The area in-between the lanes is the jungle. The bases of your team and the enemy team are located on the top right and bottom left corners of the map. The lane you choose depends on the champion you play. So, the main position on the map are:

Top: Top lane is normally played by tanks (champions you can take a lot of damage without dying) or bruisers, who deal a lot of damage. Until level 20 or even 30, both, the tank and the bruiser can play on the same lane, at the same time! After that, a jungler is required in the match, so there will be a solo top laner, a mid laner, a jungler and two bot laners.

Mid: Champions who can be played on middle lane usually have a great ability power (written AP for short), but there are a few very mobile champions who need attack damage.

Jungle: Jungle champions don’t play on one single lane. Instead, they kill the monsters in the jungle to gain level, gold and power. They have the responsibility to help their team by going to the lanes and “assassinating” the opponent without being seen.

ADC: The AD Carry is one of two champions who plays on the bottom lane. The ADC farms minions in the early game in order to level up and to gain gold. Killing minions is very important as they give you gold with which you buy as many items as possible to increase attack damage.

Support: The other champion who plays on the bottom lane is the support. The support’s responsibility is to help the ADC and the team to stay alive, help them in battles and to place wards on the map in order to increase their team’s visibility.

LoL positions guide

Try all the positions, find your favorite champions and play a lot of games with them, but focus on one role/lane/champion in order to become the best!

Remember! In the bottom right corner, there is a mini-map where you can see yourself, your team and also, the enemy champions. Look at the mini-map as often as you can and inform your allies when the enemies are missing from your lane. Communicating with your teammates is very important. The whole team has the same objective: destroying the enemies’ Nexus and winning the game. The only way all of you can come up with a good plan and synchronize to achieve it is teamwork!

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